Our Story



I remind you of WHO!?

The day my husband told me I reminded him of his grandmother is the day Everyday Peacocks was born. I love the fact that many ladies have been knitting for fifty or more years, but at the ripe young age of 29 (again… for the last 5 or 6 years now) I do not want to be seen as an old lady– just because I knit!

This made me start thinking about how self-conscious I used to feel if someone saw me with my needles. I love knitting and some of the patterns I see are incredibly trendy in the fashion world, so why should this be considered an elderly hobby? More and more ladies– of all ages– are taking up wool and joining the knitting revolution, dispelling these antiquated stereotypes. We’re knitting in public, with wild colors, funky fibers, and our eye on style! We are starting to flaunt our fiber flair and I am excited to be a part of this amazing revolution!

With items taking weeks, months, and sometimes even years to complete, we spend a lot of time with our projects and come to care for them greatly. I think this is why I enjoy fancy stitch markers and fun colored knitting needles so much!– because I love to see my projects all dressed up even though it might still be a long while before I get to wear them. I’m very proud of my knitting, so I dress up my yarn in Sterling Silver and show it off!​

Like a peacock, I strut around with my fancy yarn jewelry and it feels good! We all need to feel like peacocks from time to time, so why not every day? That is the reason I created this brand– to offer an alternative to boring gray stitch holders, and plain plastic rings. I want to offer a completely decadent knitting experience, in public or at home, so that every woman can say they feel like a peacock everyday!