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Designer Series

What happens when you combine the creative mastery of skilled knitwear designers with the understated beauty of Everyday Peacocks?

We get a brand new type of collaboration leading to extraordinary results…


…The salty air, the crisp breeze, waves gently lapping against the sand—there is nothing quite as magical as a journey to the shore!

The Seascapes Collection is inspired by this amazing playground full of shells and sealife! Sometimes a bit abstract, sometimes more literal, these jewelry designs are sure to bring memories of the ocean and holidays by the sea!


Colorful, elegant, graceful, and full of life—the Butterfly Mini-Collection captures it all with a light heart and playful spirit! Using Colorways inspired by nature, everyone is sure to find a Butterfly just right for them!

But I also welcome complete color customization and encourage you to contact me if you would like to explore this option with me!

Winter’s Night

There is something about a long winter’s night as the season is nearing its end. Spring is on the horizon, but there are still those last few cozy nights to enjoy sipping hot cocoa by the fire. It’s a time for nostalgic remembering with friends as well as eager anticipation of a fresh new season…
It is with this spirit Everyday Peacocks presents the Winter’s Night collection—jewelry infused with warm snuggles and playful whimsy.


Inspired by the beautiful autumn season and its celebration of warm yarny goodness, Everyday Peacocks proudly presents the Cascade Collection of yarn jewelry and tools!

The new colors and designs are a perfect way to showcase those gorgeous cold weather garments, and to bring the seasonal spirit to your current yarny projects.


Hatched from the emerging maple buds and gently warm breezes starting to envelop Southern Quebec as Spring begins, the Springly Collection captures the season with a fresh look and feel.  Shiny green beads and Sterling Silver wire swirl together to punctuate the excitement stirring in our natural world.