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by-ornamental-jewelry     Ornamental Jewelry

Looking for that perfect shawl pin?  Do you want a pair of matching earrings?  Then this is the place for you—shawl pins, with the earrings to match, in a variety of colors, sizes, materials, and designs!

Everyday Peacocks shawl pins are intended for knit, crocheted, woven, or other yarn type garments with an open weave.  I take pride in designing pins with a knitter’s heart.  I avoid dangly bits that can get trapped in the fabric, or excessive points and protrusions that might snag a much loved creation.  All wire ends are smoothed and rounded to avoid catching the yarn.  The majority of the pins are center balanced so that they can be worn in any direction, and most have a “modern” fibula type closure.

by-knitting-tools     Knitting Tools

  • Stitch Holders—These unique stitch holders are designed with both beauty and function in mind. They make the perfect jewelry accessory for any knitting project! Each design is weight balanced so that it lays flat against the knitted side of your project, as well as hanging below the needle edge to stay out of the way.  It’s like a dazzling hair barrette for your yarn!

  • Stitch Markers—Offered in three ring sizes (Small, Large, and XLarge), Everyday Peacocks stitch markers have got you covered up to a size US 15 (10mm) knitting needle. Not only are they elegantly beautiful to look at, but they are also designed with closed hoops to eliminate the chance of snagged stitches on your needles.

  • Knitting Tool Sets—Offering the best of both worlds, the knitting tool set pairs a beautiful stitch holder with a set of matching sittch markers for a perfectly decadent knitting experience!

by-crochet-tools     Crochet Tools

  • Crochet Markers—Created with ease of use in mind, these markers are not only fabulous to look at, they are very easy to manipulate as well. Each marker has a portion large enough to grasp between thumb and forefinger allowing insertion and removal using only one hand—this means you spend less time fiddling with your marker and more time crocheting your masterpiece!

  • Crochet Keepers—These easy to use Crochet Keepers will not only effectively protect your WIPs from unraveling when not being worked on (with their unique double loop design) but they will look gorgeous while doing it. Liberate your crochet markers and hooks letting them do what they love most—help you with other projects!!!

  • Crochet Tool Set—Offering the best of both worlds, these handy tool sets pair fabulous Crochet Keepers with a matching set of markers for a fabulous crochet experience!