Designer Series

 *** Not available for Wholesale ***


What happens when you combine the creative mastery of skilled knitwear designers with the understated beauty of Everyday Peacocks?

We get a brand new type of collaboration leading to extraordinary results…

The Designer Series is a group of jewelry designs created as a collaboration between myself and very talented designers.  This is how it works!

• Knitwear Designer creates a gorgeous pattern and tells me what type of jewelry we should make
• Jewelry Designer sees this gorgeous pattern and creates the perfect jeweled accent to perfectly compliment the beautiful pattern design
• Knitwear and Jewelry Designers exchange the fabulous creations for photos and fondling
• Then all the fabulous creations go home where they belong



This collection is just getting started– so check back often, or keep in touch on the Everyday Peacocks Facebook page for new information on upcoming designs!


Are you looking for these patterns– you can find them here:

Hanna Maciejewska

CHAPTER 1: “Distinction”by Hanna Maciejewska
Learn more about Hanna Maciejewska and her designs HERE

Francoise Danoy

CHAPTER 2: “Aura” by Francoise Danoy
Learn more about Francoise Danoy and her designs HERE

Heather Zoppetti

CHAPTER 3: “Gallo”by Heather Zoppetti
Learn more about Heather Zoppetti and her designs HERE