Giving Back!

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I have been so fortunate for all the love and support I have received since Everyday Peacocks began, and now I want to offer a little bit back to our Worldwide Community!

So, for each item I offer here in my “Giving Back” section, a portion of the proceeds will be given to a reputable cause, doing wonderful things to help make our world a little better!  I will be donating the accumulated gift at the end of each month, and the organization receiving the donation will change from time to time (so we can spread the love around!) This collection is very small right now, but it will be growing– stop back often to see the new items as they become available!

Awareness Ribbon Shawl Pin

Awareness Ribbon Gift Set

Awareness Ribbon Gift Set

Currently, I am donating to:


(On a personal note, these items have not been priced higher to allow for a donation– I am giving from the heart, and donating my time to make this possible! ^_^ )