Hatched from the emerging maple buds and gentle warm breezes starting to envelop Southern Quebec as Spring begins, the “Springly Collection” captures the season with a fresh look and feel. Shiny green beads and Sterling Silver wire swirl
together to punctuate the excitement stirring in our natural world.​

Spring conjures up images of green grass, bright flowers, and fresh leaf buds emerging on the trees. Those first leaves of spring are always the brightest, shiniest, and most exciting after a long Quebec winter!  I enjoy watching the landscape as spring comes into the area. The grass becomes greener everyday and starts growing by leaps and bounds after a couple of rainy afternoons. One of my favorite things is the little swirly breezes that catch up the crunchy brown leaves remaining from last fall.  This collection tries to capture that quick little movement as they swirl up into the air for a few seconds before slowly drifting back down, mingled with images of a white straw hat being carried away by the wind alongside the tinkling laughter of good friends during a late afternoon picnic.

This season brings about the renewal of the Earth. Everything is turning green again and life is coming around full-circle. This idea inspired me when designing the collection, so it seemed the perfect place to showcase these marvelous globe type beads! They do not actually have continents and water on them, but that is the first impression given to everyone who has looked at them.  Mixed with satiny beads in shades of green, and shimmering green Swarovski crystals, the Springly Collection captures my favorite parts of the season!​