Winter’s Night



There is something about a long winter’s night as the season is nearing its end.  Spring is on the horizon, but there are still those last few cozy nights to enjoy sipping hot cocoa by the fire.  It’s a time for nostalgic remembering with friends as well as eager anticipation of a fresh new season…
It is with this spirit Everyday Peacocks presents the Winter’s Night collection– jewelry infused with warm snuggles and playful whimsy.



The warm glow of a cold winter sunset teases us with the promise of nearby spring in this gorgeous photo by Bernie Zajac.  It made me realize how much of winter is wasted wishing for warmer days.  Some of my favorite moments in life come from those cold winter months… snuggles under a cozy blanket, cocoa by the fire, playing with my children in the perfect fluffy snow, and the list goes on!  These often overlooked precious moments should be celebrated and thought about warmly throughout the year.  So I create  this collection as tribute to those chilly days that make our love of yarny goodness all the more special!

​I’ve chosen bright snowy silver for this jewelry, accented by bronze for its warm fiery glow.  The bronze wraps delicately around the silver, carefully cuddling the precious stones and crystals that might represent a treasured memory.  Maybe the Garnet and Amethyst speak of an amazing winter sunset.  The steely sky greys in Larvikite might be what we remember from that epic snowball fight!  A white Swarovski crystal reminds us of that perfect snowflake, while midnight black onyx could be the long, dark, peaceful nights…​​

There are so many memories to savor and moments to share before winter moves on.  The new Winter’s Night Collection is a wonderful way to keep these crisp, warm, cozy feelings with us all year long!