Elemental Flames Knitting Markers

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For the Science Geek in all of us!



When I was young, I found it amazing how different elements would produce colorful flames when burned… I guess that fascination never went away! With all the fabulous mixing and experimentation that goes into our knitting projects, it seems only natural to throw in a touch of colorful flames too!

For those who want to know the science behind these— here you go!

Blue — Lead (Pb)
Green — Copper (Cu)
Yellow — Sodium (Na)
Pink — Potassium Nitrate (KNo3)
Purple — Potassium (K)

Hand crafted from Sterling Silver filled wire, these markers are adorned with Swarovski Crystals for that perfect flickering glow. They are crafted with solid Silver closed rings– No openings means no snags!


This set of markers includes 5 Knitting Stitch Markers (available in 3 sizes):
• Size small (fits up to 4mm needles — US6, UK8)
• Size large (fits up to 6.5mm needles — US10.5, UK3)
• Size X-large (fits up to 10mm needles — US15, UK000)

***If you would like a combination of sizes, please let me know before purchase and I can make you a special listing!

Additional information

Dimensions 2 x 1.5 cm