Simple Elegance Cable Hook set of 3 – (3 colors)

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Timeless Simplicity for a Timeless Knitting Tool

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What knitter doesn’t love intricately twining cables? They can be soft wool or smooth silk, but either can be tamed easily and efficiently with the new Everyday Peacocks Simple Elegance Cable Hooks!

These Cable Hooks are such smart little tools…
• They hang around right there on your work so they are always where you need them
• They are small but easy to grip so you can maneuver your stitches quickly
• They are lightweight so they won’t pull your stitches out of shape
• And they can even help you keep count of which cable row you are knitting!

These hooks are the perfect size for knitting most fingering to DK weight sweaters, shawls, and even SOCKS! ♥♥♥
They are a lot of fun to use, but please keep in mind that this design is intended for use with smaller cables.
(No one tool does everything, and I still find I sometimes need a cable needle or stitch holder for larger cables such as C10 or C12.)


These Cable Hooks are hand crafted from your choice of Sterling Silver filled wire, Fine Jeweler’s Copper, or Fine Jeweler’s Bronze.

This set includes 3 Small Cable Hooks available in the following 4 metal options:
• All Copper
• All Bronze
• All Silver
• Mixed Set

Additional information

Dimensions 3 x 1.5 cm
Metal Color Choice

Bronze, Copper, Mixed Set, Silver